The 21st century has brought a new environmental climate for companies. Environmental performance issues and regulatory impacts can affect your bottom line dramatically. Does your company's environmental performance measure up to the competition?

Environmental Testing Laboratories, Inc. (ETL) offers a broad range of services in environmental analysis to assist clients in complying with NPDES, STARS, and other permit requirements or environmental programs. Rapid turn-around and commitment to quality are assured by qualified personnel and state of the art instrumentation.

ETL is a fully certified analytical testing laboratory in the states of NY, NJ, MA, CT, NH, PA, VA, and RI. We provide precise, accurate results using existing approved procedures, and are expert at developing novel, cost effective methods to analyze challenging, non-routine samples. Our primary functions are:

Ground, surface and waste water analyses
TCLP analysis
Soils, sludge, sediment analysis
Disposal analysis
RCRA characteristic testing
Leachate analysis
Waste compatibility testing
Solvent compatibilities and assaying

In accordance with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies. Our specialized staff of qualified scientists, engineers, chemists and quality control officers adheres to strict protocol; applying innovative strategies based on sound technical and regulatory experience, insuring accurate analysis. All certifications, methodologies, personnel and equipment are listed in our continually updated Quality Manual, available for your review. In recognition of the varied environmental services we provide, and the quality and dedication of the personnel at ETL, we feel confident that we would be an asset to your company and a valued vendor to your operations. Strong environmental performance and efficiency are directly related to a company's long-term success - ETL will provide you with an efficient, environmental approach that delivers measurable return on your analytical investments.